• ♫“ Music Fun” in Spring Music Academy ♪ 8-weeks spring session starts April 11th !!!

    Start the journey of music with your child as early as you can.It helps toddlers developing their ability of attention, language, memory and imagination. Come with your toddlers! Have fun with Spring Music Academy! Prorated tuition available, start anytime! 欢迎来到春天音乐学院,和我们一起开启宝贝的音乐本旅程。 通过游戏、歌曲、舞蹈、乐器互动等方式,带领孩子感受韵律、节奏、节拍;培养孩子们的乐感、社交能力等,体验丰富多彩的音乐文化。 爸爸,妈妈陪伴宝宝共同体验音乐活动,有助于培养宝宝的注意力,提升宝宝的语言能力,记忆力和想象力。 4月11日-5月30日,每周四10:15am-11:00am 共8堂课,第一堂课为免费体验课,学费$140.00

  • 2019 Fall Classes Open Enrollment! 2019 年秋季班招生开始了!

    Spring Music Academy Spring Music Academy founded in June, 2016 by music professionals, to provide music education for children of all age. Classes offered including choir, piano, vocal, music theory, and general music education. Spring Music Academy 成立于2016年6月,旨在湾区提供最专业的音乐教育。目前开设合唱(Spring Choir)、钢琴、声乐、乐理、视唱练耳,及以音乐素养为主的各类特色课程。本学校现面向全湾区招生,寻找最爱音乐的你,欢迎加入 Spring Music Academy 大家庭!

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